Where do I begin?

At the request of many friends and family members, I'm starting a simple blog. The posts won't be long and they won't have a ton of photos. They'll be simple and filled with joy. I'll talk about living with less, filling your home with happiness, making food that comforts and nourishes, how hobbies can lessen stress, and my journey to a smaller closet. I've taken strides over the last four months to be a healthier person, wholly and unconditionally, and plan to continue this pattern. This is not a food blog, or a health blog, or a fashion blog. It's a simple blog about my life and what I'm working on right now. I hope you enjoy.
x Rachel

Pictured above:
my favorite flowers, hydrangea
wonderful gold glasses from West Elm
Ayers Body Butter in Midnight Tango
an in-progress hat, ordered by a friend