Hello and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Rachel Anderson and I'm the ginger behind Indy Ginger! A bit about me: I'm 28 and live on the northeast side of Indianapolis. After living in the Indy area my whole life, I packed a couple bags and moved to Berlin after I graduated from Butler. I loved it there and I miss it often.

My life is pretty full right now, in the best way possible. I'm a founding member of the best book club ever (check out my most recent reads here), work as a paralegal at a law firm downtown, am currently planning a wedding (EEEE!) and fill the extra hours with my friends, my family, and my fiance.

I'm working toward some goals this year, big and small, but generally about living more intentionally. I still read a lot, cook all the time, and am continuing my health journey of weight-loss and exercise. I am constantly trying to get rid of stuff, almost to an annoying degree sometimes, and I feel so much better with less clutter.

The word I picked for 2018 is savor. I have a lot of endings and beginnings this year and I want to truly appreciate them, revel in them, savor them, so that in 50 years I will have wonderful memories of this life-changing time. 

I'm really unsure of what this next season of life will bring or how much I'll want to blog, but for those of you who've stuck around this long, thanks!