Little Fires Everywhere

By Celeste Ng

10/10 - This is the second book I've ready by Ng and I couldn't put it down. She hooked me from the first page and din't let me go, even after I finished it. Taking place in a wealthy suburb of Cleveland (which read much like the suburb where I grew up in Indy), the book focuses on one influential family and tenants of their rental property. I loved that Mia is an experimental photographer whose back story is explained later in the book. I loved the relationships between the family's children and Mia's daughter, how they ebbed and flowed and eventually imploded in some ways. I loved that the book opens on a house fire and then jumps back to show you how it all led to that. I highly recommend this book and would probably read it again!

*Note: I read this before I knew it was a book club pick, but I will change the publish date to keep it with the September books (once we get there).