2018: Savor

My word of 2018 is savor. Here's why.

I've been distracted, by my phone, my schedule, TV. I want to live more intentionally. I wanted a word of the year that encompassed that idea without using "intentional" as my word.
I wanted a word that meant more than being present. I wanted a word that added weight to all of the things that are changing in my life. I wanted a word that felt nice on my tongue and applied to all aspects of my life, relationships, and time.

Words matter. We choose them carefully sometimes and disregard their importance other times. I find that when I brush off the weight of words, I often say mean things or insensitive things. When I take time to slow down, consider--that's when meaningful conversations happen.

Slow down. Be intentional. Be present.


A lot of things are changing this year. Single --> married. Not living together --> living together. Abstractly kind of working toward change --> working on attaining achievable, but challenging goals. Saying yes to everything --> choosing how I spend my time more carefully. Feeling guilt about all the things I can't do or don't want to do --> accepting that my life has changed because I have changed and there's nothing wrong with that.

I want to put the phone down, have real conversations, savor them.

I want to eat healthy food, slowly, savor it.

I want to appreciate the alone time I have as a single person, enjoy the quiet, savor that.

I want to have better relationships, show love, savor it.

I want to plan a gorgeous and fun wedding, be married, savor that.

I want to read lots of books, different kinds, savor them.

I want to develop better habits, appreciate the time it takes, savor that.

I want to get rid of stuff, love the stuff I have, savor it.

There are so many wonderful things going on in my life and I want to truly appreciate them--the people, the things, the experiences. I want to intentionally register for our wedding so that we get things we will really use and not just random stuff we think would be cool but we would use one time and then never again. I want to combine lives gracefully and respectfully, not try to cram all of my stuff in places it won't fit and take over his closet space. I want to show my friends care and love by truly listening to what they have to say, being there for them when they need it most, and exerting effort as opposed to being passive. I want to spend real time with Zach, reading or building Legos or assembling a puzzle or taking a walk...time that is unplugged and unguarded, time where we can have fun with each other, time that isn't better-spent another way.

These are the reasons I chose savor as my word for 2018. I already feel it changing the way I think about my time. I already see its effect on my conversations and the words I choose, and it's only been a week. I'm excited to see what happens as the year goes on.