2017: Less

When thinking back on 2016, one of the things I appreciated was having a theme for the year. While I consciously focused on the word "joy" for the first several months of 2016, I found that, while I thought less about it as the year went on, the word seemed to float along in the background of my life throughout the year. And what a joy-filled year it was--I became president of my Rotary Club, focused on my health and lost weight, watched my sister move to NYC to pursue her dream, grew closer to many of my friends, read tons of books with my book club girls who always bring me joy, and met Zach, who fills every day with joy. 
With all of those things in mind, I started to think about what my word would be for 2017 and I mulled over several options. The one I kept coming back to was what I ended up choosing: less. Such a small word for an overall huge impact. Less means quite a few things for me as I look ahead to the next year, so I'll tell you about some of them now. 


I am addicted to sugar. There! I said it! So, I'm trying to cut that out of my diet except for occasional desserts. I am doing this by succumbing to peer pressure (just kidding) and joining many of my book club ladies in a Whole30 this month. I want to drink less alcohol. I want to only skip workouts if I am sick, not because I'm busy or tired or *insert excuse here.*  I want to lessen my addiction to coffee. There are more, but those are the big ones.


I am way too busy. And the problem is that I like being busy and I hate saying no to things people ask of me. However, there comes a time when you have to realize you're at your limit. With the responsibilities of Rotary, the time commitment of book club, being given more responsibility at work, and the wonderful (but time consuming) relationship I'm in, I can't do anything else right now. I can't join a committee that takes time in the evenings, I can't dedicate time to knitting things to sell, and I certainly can't pick up any other regular responsibilities. So I'm saying no. Which is going to be hard. But, the less time I spend worrying about how busy I am, the more time I'll have to enjoy the activities to which I'm already committed. If I say no to you in 2017, it's not because I don't care, it's just part of my self-care.


This carries over from the whole "finding joy with what you have" sort of mentality I tried last year. However, I found that I didn't really stick to the capsule rules or not buying things I don't need guidelines I'd set for myself. So I've set up a couple of rules for things I can't buy: new books (or any books that aren't book club picks--that's what the library is for) and any household decor (other than plants because some of mine have died and I want to replace them). I was going to make rules about clothes, but with my size changing all the time it's too hard to decide what those rules will be. Once I hit my weight loss goal (100 pounds), hopefully before my family vacation starts on July 8, 2017, I do want to transition back to a more traditional capsule wardrobe and buy less clothing all the time. I will also continue to get rid of the stuff I don't need, as it kind of becomes addicting to minimize once you start. 


I generally like myself and think I'm a pretty cool person, but there are definitely things I want to improve. I want to stop trying to finish other people's sentences because, believe it or not, I don't know what they're thinking! Crazy, right?! I want to be more understanding. I want to have a longer fuse, especially with my family. I want to stress less. All of these seem like pretty big things to change about myself, but they're all rooted in the same thing, so it's doable.
While those are the major things I want to work on this year, there are other things too--small every day things, more obscure over-arching things. After all the words I tossed around in my head, I think I picked the correct one when I chose "less." I might have a few posts about how the Year of Less is going throughout the year, and I'm always happy to answer questions. I hope you all have a wonderful year and have success with your resolutions, big and small.