am so lucky to have amazing friends, several of whom are pretty awesome bloggers. I'm taking a leaf out of their books and sharing 26 highlights from my 26th year!

1. Choosing to lose weight and sticking to that plan.

2. Spending more time with my Grandpa. He's my only remaining grandparent and he's pretty freakin' amazing.

3. Being more adventurous with my cooking and baking, trying new things and cooking without recipes.

4. Becoming president of my Rotary Club/having such an awesome Rotary Club.

5. Seeing my sister off to New York City and watching her follow her dreams!

6. Minimizing the amount of "stuff" both in my home and in my life.

7. Realizing how much I love being outdoors and making time to be there regularly.

8. Checking another country (and two states) off my list with my cousin Kathleen!

9. Making reading a bigger daily priority again.

10. Having our first book club on the boat (hopefully the first of many).

11. Being there to see my cousin get married and help her have a perfectly beautiful venue. 

12. Allowing myself to say "no" to things.

13. Going for tacos on Cinco de Mayo on the best first date I've ever had. 

14. Starting a capsule wardrobe and a blog to share it (and other things) with all of you!

15. Checking four states off my list, two of them with my best friend and traveling buddy, Maria. Also, having her support and help with my blog, working out, and adventuring. Thanks for being the best best-friend ever!

16. Seeing so many of my friends live their lives magnificently; whether single or coupled, working or attending school, they're all amazing and they inspire me daily. 

17. Celebrating our 40th Annual Girls' Weekend in Richmond (a tradition started four years ago with two of my best friends from college) and remembering how much I appreciate and need their friendships in my life. 

18. Welcoming new babies into the world, both from friends and family, and seeing them grow.

19. Embracing my love of flowers.

20. Reading the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. 

21. Continuing to place a high priority on live music!

22. Watching my parents continue to grow in their personal and professional lives--they are very inspiring to me. 

23. Learning that I can be healthy and still eat lots of dessert!

24. Rediscovering my love of yoga. 

25. Being lucky enough to experience love, fully and completely, from the most wonderful guy I've ever dated. Zach, thank you for encouraging me, supporting me, and reading the books I recommend. You cook, you serenade me, you have really cute dogs, and you're all-around-amazing. I'm glad I get to start my 27th year with you by my side and I'm excited to see what the next year holds for us. I love you.

26. Living my life for me. By placing myself at the top of my priorities, I've gotten healthier, happier, and more aware of myself and what I want and need. I've grown a lot in the last year and can't wait to see what the next year holds.