2016: Joy

I realize that we are already two months into the year, but this word (JOY) has permeated all aspects of my life recently. So, as a bit of a preview of what you'll see on this blog, I thought I'd give you insight as to why joy has become such a prominent word in my life.

 As I approached the end of 2015, I realized that I was happy. I'm a generally happy person, so that realization wasn't a surprise, but it's never before struck me quite so blatantly. Back in May 2015, I read Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," and since then, I've been very conscious of what brings joy to my life and what doesn't. I'd unintentionally been discarding bits of my life(style) which didn't bring me joy--people, jobs, material things. By the time December rolled around and I began thinking about my goals for 2016, I realized I felt so much healthier and happier since de-cluttering my life, and I wanted to continue that trend.

Joy became my word of the year and my, what a joyous year it's been so far.

I find that I'm less weighed down by problems and stress, and I enjoy all of life's little things more. Wine tastes sweeter, time with friends is filled with more laughter, and finding time for myself is easier. As I look forward to the rest of the year (and now posting on this blog), I hope my days become even more joy-filled and that you also find joy in my posts.